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The Tide Is On The Roll – Album

This album was inspired by the main hit song “The Tide Is On The Roll.” When this song was produced in 1992, it grabbed much attention from the radio stations and TV Networks. With the fact that a single song just seems to be over so quickly, in 1993 Harry added a few more songs. This became his first Alabama Roll Tide album.

He recalls the time when he played this album of songs back then on a cassette player, at Legion Field. An older couple spontaneously began dancing in the middle of the day to his music. This was an artistic moment that he will never forget and he continues to smile each time he thinks of it.

Years later the enjoyment of his songs came alive again. Simply seeing all of his relatives replay his Alabama Football music over and over again inspired Harry to return to the studio. They really enjoyed his album. From here, he began producing more songs and updating what was previously created.

To Hear the Roll Tide Songs

Go to the iTunes player on the right side of this website to hear the 30 second sound clip of each song. You can even click on the player to purchase the songs online.