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Here are some reviews that have been sent in to Harry Wilkinson for some of his “Roll Tide Songs” that has been produced so far. If you have purchased one of Harry’s songs, please email us your response or even go online to Amazon, iTunes, or to put in your review. Thanks.

Nashville drummer Harry Wilkinson has done it again. His latest creation is a tribute recording of spirited tunes that celebrate not only the great American pastime of football but specifically, the current SEC and BCS champions, Alabama’s Crimson Tide.

As a fan of many years, Harry’s enthusiasm is conveyed not only through his own compositions but also from the turn of the century.

Inspired by such luminaries as Jelly Roll Morton and The Million Dollar ‘Bama Band, Harry employs his kick-butt rhythmic sense to make a quartet of tunes that will roll your Crimson.  Further inspired by the Cotton Bowl, Joe Namath, and the Tide fans in his family, he completed “The Tide Is On A Roll” for Alabama radio and television stations back in 1992.  His update is even better.

Fans are an integral part of any sport, and Alabama devotees are steadfast in their loyalty to this winning team. In honor of those fans, Harry penned “I’m A ‘Bama Fan” in admiration of their amazing

As a tribute to the musicians of  Alabama’s Million Dollar ‘Bama Band Harry wrote “Alabamy Bound.” Flavored with a beat that will make you tap your feet, the song has been known to move Alabama fans to dance.

Another danceable tune is “Tide Kickoff Time,” a song Harry wrote recalling the dancers at the many tailgate parties he’s attended. The music was dedicated to those fans who prepare to watch their Tide
roll over another opponent.

Wayne RenardsonNashville, TN