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NEW! Roll Tide Song (just released)

Who's #1 Bama BamaWho’s #1 Bama Bama

Harry recently completed the recording of another Roll Tide Song. This season of 2012 has inspired this new song called “Who’s #1 Bama Bama.” This single hit CD also has a bonus instrumental of the song as well.

He spent several weeks preparing and working out the sound from the studio. Sometimes it can be a challenge in the music business process when creating and producing a song. Harry is a perfectionist when it comes to studio work.

Some people think that a Roll Tide Song is just as simple as playing the song and going home. I guess you could do that, but it would sound poorly. It is similar to grilling a great steak in that it takes effort and time to marinate the steak and then grill it so that it does not taste to “dry” or under cooked. Song producing can be treated in comparison to this.

This Roll Tide Song has some of the best musical talent that Nashville TN has to offer. In addition, the recording studio and sound engineering of this single song was also produced in Nashville, TN.