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I’m a Bama Fan

Im_a_Bama_Fan-Slide-HomeI guess the saying is true, once a “Bama Fan, Always a Bama Fan.” I think it is safe to say that if an Alabama Fan bleeds, it will be the color of Crimson. Here at Roll Tides Songs, we are also Alabama Fans to the core. Harry Wilkinson (producer and writter of the Bama Songs) is proud and happy to be a true fan.

There have been many songs written about the University of Alabama’s football team over the years. In fact one of our songs you might recognize from 1992. Each Roll Tide song that we have listed on this web site has been produced with the top talent available in Nashville, TN. And, we also decided to get the best studio recording for these songs by getting the best of what Nashville has to offer as well. We believe in producing each song with the best that it could be (this is not a cheap garage band, basement recording). After all, our football team is the best, and our songs reflect just that.

Any of Roll Tide Song has been loaded up on iTunes, Play.Google, and Amazon to easy online access and purchase. You can even load up the songs by your smart phone if you like. We are happy to offer Alabama Crimson Tide fans these upbeat and heart pumping songs. Go Roll Tide!

Below are some great photos that is on the Alabama Fan Central photo gallery.

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