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Roll Tide Songs Background Songs

How the first “Roll Tide Song” Album got started:

While visiting Legion Field in Birmingham Alabama for the big game between Alabama and Auburn, I shared the recordings of my song “The Tide Is On The Roll” with a few people. Suddenly people from all around the parking lot at the stadium came over and asked to hear the song. After hearing the song, they would ask if they could buy one of my tapes for themselves and within the next few hours I sold my entire box of tapes.

One gentleman from CNN TV came by and asked me why a guy that lived in Nashville cared for Alabama Football. I replied by explaining that I am originally from Birmingham and although I grew up in Chattanooga, I always went back to visit family in Alabama. I told him that we always played football with my cousins and as a teen I watched the Bama years of Joe Namath and several other notable players like John Hanna, who later became pros.

As a studio drummer, I composed several football themes and jingles and football soon became my favorite sport. Bama football has always been an interest of mine and God placed “The Tide Is On The Roll” in my mind. The song became a hit on radio and TV for approximately five weeks all over Alabama. It was great to see people enjoy the song, so I recently put together a CD album of songs to honor the team and the loyal Bama fans. I hope people like the new recordings of funky rock, R&B, and jazz rhythms on the project.