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Harry Wilkinson


Harry Wilkinson – producer / song writer / accomplished drummer

There is a good chance you have heard Harry Wilkinson playing drums and percussion in the background music throughout the USA, whether in a shopping mall, grocery store, or even at an outing at the Grand Ole Opry. As a young man Harry played solo percussion on the theme to CBS TV’s NFL Today Show and the NFL Game of the week, which ran for 2 years. He has played drums on many TV and radio shows, concert tours, cruise ships, and music jingles and he is the drummer on the classic hit “WILDFIRE” by Michael Martin Murphey.


Harry Wilkinson with Antonio Langham 1992

He also played with guitarist Larry Coryell for 3 years, appearing at The Newport Jazz Festival in NYC. While living in the Rocky Mountains, Harry did many recording sessions for Denver media companies, including radio ads that were aired at Mile High Stadium. He was also at a game where he heard his Musser Marimba and drum tracks on the stadium speakers for a local Denver company Transaction Bank. Currently, Harry is happily playing contemporary Christian music on drum set, with the very excellent Awakening Band at Brentwood United Methodist Church. He plays for approximately 800 to 900 people during the Sunday morning contemporary. His other focus is composing melodies on marimba and doing studio production work. He also enjoys teaching private drum lessons each week.